Mar Amor Serving the Oceans and Beaches of Mexico

MAR AMOR  is a non profit organization cleaning the beaches and waters of Mexico. 

After visiting the Sian Ka'an Bio Reserve, off the coast of Tulum Mexico, they were forever changed by the mass amounts of plastic covering every inch of this once pristine Caribbean coastline. This impacted them enough to initiate a journey with a mission to end the plastic pollution in Mexico.

Mar Amor not only hold beach cleanings on a regular basis but they have informational outlets and social involvement. They are slowly building a conscious Mexico.  They are on a mission to change the way people see plastic recognizing that we as a whole need to eliminate the daily need of single use plastic.  

Their Visions for the Seas: 

We can change the way things are evolving. We are the only solution that this planet has. We made a terrible mess and we need everyone helping to clean it up.

Over the last 60 years we have damaged our planet almost to the point of no return. We have a vision for future generations. We want to impact today's youth in order to ensure that this human error does not continue. We want to focus on long-term solutions that promote healthy oceans, abundant marine life and thriving communities along the Caribbean coastlines. Each member of Mar Amor has their own vision for the future of plastic. We hope to achieve every single one.


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